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When versatility is vital, the M-Series line of magnetic sights has you covered. The snap-on magnetic base is available in four different sizes to fit a wide variety of rib widths. All M-Series sights come with green, red, and the uniquely HIVIZ two-toned LitePipe. Pair your favorite shotgun with one of our favorite magnetic sights.

Fit Details:

M300 fits ribs from .218″ to .328″ (7/32″ to 21/64″) (5.5mm to 8.3mm).

Fits: Remington field models
Browning Gold 10GA BPS Auto5
Berretta Comp T and ST ribs
Pintail auto
Ruger Red Label field guns
Ithaca Model 37 and other models
Benelli Super Black Eagle and all field guns
Franchi field guns
CZ Over/Under Models

Package Includes:

LitePipe Colors: Green 0.135, green 0.175, red 0.135, two tone 0.175

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