Browning High Power Grips – G10


    • Make: G10 (High-pressure fiberglass laminate material)
    • Model:  BROWNING HIGH POWER & TISAS Regent BR9
    • Color:  Blue

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Browning High Power Grips – G10.

  • Different styles and colors are available.
  • Fits models: Browning High Power & Tisas Regent BR9.

A high-pressure fiberglass laminate material, light in weight, with different colors available, each panel is 6.53mm thick.

CNC machined from strong durable non-slippery G10.  Made from phenolic grade G10, high-pressure fiberglass laminate material  that has some very specific advantages:
* Doesn’t shrink or swell when exposed to high or low temperatures – which means more comfort.
* It also has very high mechanical strength. It is difficult to break.
* It is only 1/2 the weight of aluminum, relatively lightweight which allows for less carry weight on guns.
* Less likely to show scratches because the color is dyed into the material, not painted on.


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