ANSCHUTZ 520/522/525 .22lr 10rd MAGAZINE


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Brand: Original Anschutz
Weight: 55 Grams
Calibre: .22lr
Model : Anschutz 520, Anschutz 522, Anschutz 525 SEMI AUTO’s
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Anschutz 10 round .22LR magazine for the Anschutz 525 semi-auto, also fits the earlier CIL 470 & Anschutz 522 and late production Anschutz 520* models.
Made from high quality blued steel the magazine has a bullet window, U shaped notch at the front to eliminate bullet shaving and is easily stripped for cleaning.
*This magazine will not fit early CIL 300 or 520 models without modification:
Anschutz added a stop lug pressed out from the right side of the magazine in late production 520s and following 525 models, there is a matching notch cut into the receiver to accommodate this. Earlier CIL300 or 520 models without the receiver lug notch will not allow the current version of the magazine to be fitted, unless the magazines is adapted (removing or flattening the lug).
NOTE: This will not fit the Bolt Action !
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