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Our little shop

Special Armory is a small family business and it operates from our home, we are here to provide the personal touch.
We are by no means specialists on any firearm and we are learning as we go, so sometimes we might tell you that we will need to get back to you. Please see this as us ensuring that whatever your inquiry is; that we will get you the right information.

We know what a tedious process it is to get a firearm in South Africa. It is not always possible to buy a new firearm. Hence we started this site to assist people in get spare parts and accessories for not only new firearms but also older models.

Please note that most emails and follow ups will be done after hours. You are welcome to send us a WhatsApp message but please be aware. There is Facebook/Emails/Whatsapp/SMS/Calls that needs to be handled. We are not ignoring you if the response is a little slow. We are just human.

Lastly, if you have old magazines / parts for sale please contact us and lets make a deal.

Thank you for all the support 🙂


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